Emily Kappenman leads 2-, 2.5-, or 3-day Mini ERP Boot Camps at the invitation of various groups. These typically consist of a condensed version of the lectures from the 10-day UC-Davis ERP Boot Camp, and are sometimes combined with lab visits, discussions, individual consultations, etc. A hands-on workshop with ERPLAB Toolbox can also be included.  The cost is typically between $3000 and $5000.

Mini ERP Boot Camps are particularly useful for groups that have recently begun using ERPs and would like to train multiple people and get advice about optimizing the recording environment, designing experiments, analyzing data, etc.

Click here for a sample schedule for a 2.5-day Mini ERP Boot Camp. Click here for a sample 2-day schedule.

Mini ERP Boot Camps have been held for groups ranging from 4 to 100 people, and have been held at various universities, including:

University of Alabama

University of New Mexico

University of South Carolina, Aiken

Washington State University

Washington University in St. Louis

SUNY Binghamton University

To arrange a Mini ERP Boot Camp or for more information, contact Emily Kappenman (